What We Do

 We are leaders and drivers of economic development opportunities in the Annapolis Valley.

Our strategic foundation

Our Vision

A thriving, regional economy, delivering the highest quality of life in Canada.

We support a thriving regional economy that, when combined with our geographic location, natural environment and diverse population, makes the Valley one of the best places to live in rural Canada.

Our Mission

The Valley REN is the catalyst for a thriving, sustainable and inclusive regional economy in the Annapolis Valley.

We are proactive in evidence-based action planning and the coordinator of local and provincial resources to maximize our collective impact.

We Value…


We encourage new ideas that challenge the status quo.


We apply the best practices in our work and our relationships.


We are committed to making diversity, equity, and inclusion part of everything we do.


We are prepared to adjust our strategies as circumstances require.

This Place!

We are proud to call the Annapolis Valley our home and are committed to seeing it grow and flourish.

We Believe in…


We believe that economic development and community well-being should be mutually supported and that by working together, we can achieve great things for the Annapolis Valley.

Evidence-based Decision Making

We make decisions based on data, evidence, and input from our businesses and community.

Fiscal Stewardship

Our trusting relationships with our partners and funders are founded on fiscal responsibility, transparency and accountability.


Our Focus for 2022-2023

Building on our Strategic Plan, we will focus on the following essential and interconnected priorities in our 2022-2023 Business Plan:


Workforce Development

Labour, now more than ever, is a top challenge within all of our sectors. The Regional Workforce Development Strategy has shed light on the situation and given us the data we need to take the appropriate action best suited for our regional needs.

It is more important than ever to implement the recommendations from the strategy, which will be one of our critical priorities.


Regional Marketing

Due to the ongoing pandemic, and the skills shortages identified in our regional workforce development strategy, we are targeting the skills gaps in our region through the regional marketing initiative.

A marketing campaign targeted at attracting skills gaps to the region will also be a critical priority for the REN.


Business Development

At our core, we provide supports for business. We assess businesses’ needs, provide navigation to resources and supports, and provide referrals to start-ups and peer-to-peer opportunities relevant to companies across all sectors.

We continue to assist businesses as they mitigate through, what we hope, are the end stages of the pandemic. As such, supporting businesses will remain a critical priority for the success of our region.

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