Annapolis Valley Continuous Improvement Program

The Valley REN aims to foster a culture of continuous improvement in the region by providing support to businesses and industry through a  multi-element training program. The program has been designed to help companies become more efficient and sustainable and improve their competitiveness by reducing costs and improving the allocation of labour.

Element 1:  Awareness – Introduction and Theory Workshops

Awareness raises the importance of continuous improvement and an introduction to the processes used, such as Lean Manufacturing. 

The introductory single-day workshops will lay the foundation to make an organization work and perform more efficiently. It will provide awareness of Lean Six Sigma through theory from the white and yellow belt levels. It will also provide a hands-on simulation where participants are divided into teams and simulate a manufacturing environment. The class will be offered free of charge. Completion of participation forms and surveys are the only requirements.

Workshops will be held in the Spring and Fall.

Element 2: Connection – Tours

Organized tours of local manufacturing / processing facilities to develop networks among the local sectors while providing opportunities to learn from best practices.

Tours will be offered based on the availability of participating facilities.

Element 3: Peer Learning – Hands-On Case Study

These sessions, meant to further develop the understanding of CI processes, take place over two days and have been called CI Challenges. A local company that is ready to apply CI shares its “challenge,” and a cross-functional team that includes members from other facilities are led through a learning process by a facilitator to identify solutions for the company.

Peer Learning will be provided free of charge. Completion of participation forms and surveys are the only requirements. These will be offered based on the availability of the business participating in the case study facility.

Element 4: In-Depth Support

Local companies will be given the opportunity for further in-depth, intensive support from an experienced consultant. The learning and support will be tailored will be specific to the needs of the individual facility.

Ten business days of  consultant led coaching offered on demand, with small financial contribution from participating facility.

Element 5: Implementation Coaching

Reviewing all previous learning elements and reflecting on how processes work at the shop floor level helps strengthen and reinforce the understanding and practice of continuous improvement processes and positions companies for success.

Two business days of implementation coaching are offered on demand, with a small financial contribution from the participating facility.

Continuous Improvement Challenge 2020 (article)

Bringing the local manufacturing sector together to collaborate on business issues.

CI Challenge 2020

CI Challenge - Schoolhouse Brewery 2020

Check out this short video on the CI Challenge that took place at Schoolhouse Brewery.

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Learn How the Program Can Benefit Your Business

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Creating a Continuous Improvement Culture in Your Business

This article by Gary Cox and Troy Lenihan describes the multi-offering approach of support through the Continuous Improvement Program.

Creating a Continuous Improvement Culture in Your Business

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