Connector Program

Become a Connector

As a Connector, you will play a crucial role in helping newcomers and recent graduates understand local industry trends and provide valuable information, advice and connections. 

As a connector, you: 

❍ Have experience in your industry and have a strong network
❍ Know a large number of people through social, cultural, professional and economic circles
❍ Have a special gift for bringing people together
❍ Are willing to support newcomers and new graduates build strong networks to retain them in the region 


By becoming a Connector, you can:

❍ Feel a sense of achievement by helping keep talent in the Annapolis Valley 
❍ Contribute to greater community engagement
❍ Increase awareness about your organization and industry
❍ Add value to your own network by connecting people
❍ Access a talent pool of exceptional newcomers and recent graduates 
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