The Annapolis Valley has a diverse agricultural industry, with a higher proportion of agricultural workers relative to the province and Canada, and with the largest share of employers in the agriculture industry compared with other economic regions in Nova Scotia. The grape and wine industry has expanded through significant private and public investment. As well, the value of the Nova Scotia apple industry is at an all- time high. Opportunities to increase the potential for growth include maximizing local procurement by anchor institutions; managing farm inputs and operations through automation, mechanization, data analytics and precision agriculture; development of new or otherwise value-added agri-food products; development of local/provincial markets; and trade.


Farms in this region offer the potential for IT firms to trial and demonstrate systems for improved management of resources, crops and livestock. As gaps in rural broadband delivery are fixed, farm enterprises in the Valley will benefit if they do not already have access to adequate high-speed Internet. The region is poised to benefit from the strategic advantages in R&D services clustered in the Annapolis Valley: at three NSCC (Nova Scotia Community College) sites in Lawrencetown, Middleton and Kentville, at Acadia University, and at the federal Kentville Research and Development Centre. These impressive facilities – engaged in applied research, training, business incubation and data analytics – together support the development and adoption of AgriTech solutions and form a distinctive corridor of business development opportunities.


Major Agri-Business in the Region

  • Eden Poultry
  • Country Magic Blueberry Acres

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