Regional workforce development strategy

The Valley Regional Enterprise Network (Valley REN) is developing a comprehensive Regional Workforce Development Strategy to address and provide recommendations to develop/attract and retain labour in the Annapolis Valley region. A critical component of the Valley REN Regional Workforce Development Strategy is surveying, which seeks input from local stakeholders, employers, job seekers, high school and post-secondary students regarding workforce opportunities and challenges across the Annapolis Valley region.

The Valley REN is working closely with members of the Workforce Supports Response Team (part of the Regional Economic Recovery Taskforce) and a steering committee with representation from Acadia University, Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC), Nova Scotia Works and the Annapolis Valley Regional Centre for Education (AVRCE).



  • Businesses input is being gathered via telephone surveys – calling began March 29th
  • Employee / Jobseeker input is being gathered via online survey – launched April 7th 
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  • Please stay tuned for updates regarding additional post-secondary surveys, high school student surveys and regional stakeholder interviews.

“It is important for Acadia to be a full partner in the development of a regional Workforce Development Strategy, not only because of the interconnectedness the university shares with the residents, organizations and communities that comprise our great region, but because we see it is our mission to inspire our students to become critical thinkers, lifelong learners, engaged citizens, and responsible global leaders. As the largest post-secondary institution in the Annapolis Valley we recognize and value the role we play in developing a ready workforce in support of established and emerging industries, but also in nurturing the confidence and skills of future entrepreneurs”



Michelle Larsen, Manager, Co-operative Education, Acadia University

“Listening to businesses and industries of all sizes, we know that access to talent is critical to their success and sustainability. We are happy to have the support of community stakeholders and the business community to develop this strategy”



Jennifer Tufts, CEO, Valley Regional Enterprise Network



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