Innovation Grows Here

This is the sweet spot for innovation: where new technologies and traditional knowledge capitalize on the unique natural resources of geography and climate.

Located close to the provincial capital (Halifax), the Annapolis Valley offers a rich concentration of talent, post-secondary institutions and R&D services, with a satisfying quality of life, in a place recognized internationally for its unique landscape and heritage.


Our region is experiencing exciting developments in agri-business, agri-tech and horticulture, smart building design, green energy financing, data analytics, and the use of topographic-bathymetric LIDAR (light detection and ranging) to map and study the ocean floor and improve environmental and municipal planning.

For information on these developments, please contact Rachel Brighton, Research Lead at the Valley REN (


On behalf of municipalities in our region, the Valley Regional Enterprise Network has partnered with the i-Valley Intelligent Community Association to pursue an international Smart Region designation for the Annapolis Valley.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed in October commits the Valley REN and i-Valley to work together to prepare the Annapolis Valley for global recognition as a Smart Region. The formal designation would be issued under the ISO 37120 standard managed by the World Council on City Data (ISO 37120 Sustainable Development of Communities: Indicators for City Services and Quality of Life).

As part of this project, the existing ISO 37120 standard – which includes 100 social, economic and service indicators across 17 themes – will be modified to suit rural communities.


Our natural assets include rich farmland, a climate suited to growing a wide variety of crops, and a shoreline along the Bay of Fundy, which is a natural tourist attraction as well as a test-bed for in-stream tidal energy development powered by the highest tides in the world.

Soil, climate and geography make the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia an ideal location for diverse agricultural enterprises. Our valley is also rich in agricultural ingenuity, thanks to the knowledge and practices handed down and refined over generations of farmers.


The Annapolis Valley is not only a fertile place for growing food – it is a fertile place for growing your business.

Our region is home to a strong network of business and professional associations and academic centres with a shared purpose: to support local business and grow the regional economy. These include:

Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre / Rural Innovation Centre, Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce, Avon Chamber of Commerce, Fusion Annapolis ValleyGlooscap Ventures, Hantsport Area Business Association, Kentville Business Community, Sip Chat Connect Business Networking, Valley Business Leaders Initiative, Windsor Business Enhancement Society, and Wolfville Business Development Corporation.

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